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Would you sign a lease without doing your due diligence?
Likewise, you should always review employment contracts with a lawyer before signing them.


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Working with Employees
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Employment Law for Dental Professionals
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Employment Law for Employers
Working for employers

At Rudner Law, we work with employers to achieve a legally strategic approach to HR designed not only to ensure compliance and minimize liability, but also to maximize use of our clients’ most valuable resources: their employees. We are your HR partner.

Working for employers

Employment Law for Employees
Working for employees

We have helped hundreds of individuals across dozens of industries – from those in the “C-suite” to those on the front lines. At Rudner Law, we recognize that any decision must be based upon each individual’s unique circumstances, and the costs and benefits of each option.

Working for employees

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Alternative Dispute Resolution

Stuart regularly works as a mediator, combining his expertise in Employment Law with his interpersonal skills and problem-solving abilities.

Alternative dispute resolution

Ontario Employment Lawyer Blog for Employers and Employees

As part of our commitment to educating our clients, our potential clients, and the general public, we use our blog to provide useful information for both employers and employees.


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Stuart Rudner continues to stand out as a thought leader on any employment law topic. Since becoming an owner manager himself of a boutique employment law firm, Stuart seems to have an even deeper understanding of what it is like to be an employer and has in my opinion become expert in advising owner-managers through issues that may arise in the employer-employee relationship.

I have worked with Stuart, and he has assisted me in providing strategic advice to my clients.

On top of being a leading Employment Lawyer, writer, HR professor and business owner, Stuart Rudner is a social media marketing expert and definitely worth “Following” and modeling.

Stuart is friendly, collegial and always responsive to any Employment Law question, using logic and experience to resolve complicated issues and providing practical advice. I would not hesitate to recommend him.

Tamara Fontana


Stuart worked very closely with me at End to End Networks, helping the company to understand its legal obligations and how to best protect our interests. He helped us adopt a strategic but fair approach to HR and HR law.

Based on my experience working with Stuart over an extended period of time, I can honestly say that Stuart is a highly professional and knowledgeable lawyer. He has the ability to put his clients at ease by explaining the "vocabulary" of law in a way that allows them to more easily understand the meaning of contracts, cases and decisions. Stuart shows a high degree of empathy towards his clients. He is very active in both the legal profession and on social media, and I trust his advice completely on legal matters. Stuart has assembled a legal team who support him and share his values.

I met Stuart at TechConnex when he kindly agreed to run a session for my HR Peer Group on employment contracts. Stuart is a firm believer in education and training, and his session was extremely well-received by the peer group.

I highly recommend Rudner Law to anyone who needs legal advice and assistance.

Pete Needham - Founder & Co-Director
As & When - On Demand Business Services


I had the pleasure of meeting Stuart in 2008. He was highly recommended to me by the General Counsel of one of Canada's largest employers. If you ever require high level advice regarding HR Legal matters I would also recommend him.

Dean Guest
Enterprise Practice Manager, North America