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HR Lawyers, Employment Lawyers, Workplace Lawyers…whatever you call us, you’ll be glad you did.

Working with Employees

We work with individuals to help them through their workplace challenges.

Whether you are a CEO, a line worker, or somewhere in between, you need to ensure that you understand your rights.

Alternative Dispute Resolution

Thoughtful and Strategic Alternative Dispute Resolution

Stuart offers mediation, arbitration, and med-arb services to help you or your client bring their dispute to an end.

Working with Employers

You don’t have employment law issues; you have business decisions to make.

We are your Trusted Advisor, helping you make strategic decisions at all stages of the employment relationship.

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Toronto Employment Lawyer - Stuart Rudner

Stuart Rudner

Managing Partner
Toronto Employment Lawyer Brittany Taylor

Nadia Zaman

Alex Minkin - Employment lawyer in Toronto Area

Alex Minkin


Geoffrey Lowe

Rudner Law - Mary from employment law firm in Toronto

Mary Kadric

Office Administrator

Janis Buckley

Senior Legal Assistant
LaSania Hamilton - paralegal at Rudner Law

LaSania Hamilton

Litigation Legal Assistant
Rachel Kelleher

Rachel Kelleher

Intake Coordinator

What Others Say


Very proactive and understanding

Very proactive and understanding

I had a need to retain the services of a lawyer for a personal legal matter. As I worked at Miller Thomson at the time, in the IT department, I had knowledge of several lawyers I could have worked with but I chose Stuart because I felt that he had integrity and a sense of what is right and what is wrong. In the course of working with him on my legal issue over the next year, I found him to be very proactive and understanding of my issues in this matter. He handled everything with professionalism and class. I would, and have, highly recommended him to anyone that is in need of any legal advice or the services of a litigation lawyer.

Effective and Creative Mediator

Stuart was an effective and creative mediator and was able to obtain a resolution in a situation that was difficult for the parties. I recommend Stuart to others as he was also a pleasure to deal with and worked well with my client.

Astute Employment Lawyer

Astute Employment Lawyer

Stuart Rudner is a well-informed, astute Employment Lawyer with his finger on the pulse of emerging developments. His frequent top notch blogs, articles and social media posts are a must read for employers, employees and his peers.

A true partner

A true partner

I have consulted with Stuart on a number of files and referred my most trusted clients to him for expert advice and consummate professionalism. I rest easy knowing that my employment law and HR issues are in the hands of a true leader when Stuart takes on a file. Stuart has provided his guidance and advice to many of my clients whether they be on the employer or employee side of the legal equation. He is knowledgeable in the law, responsive to the clients, and strategic in his approach. I have no hesitation in recommending Stuart when an employment law issue surfaces.

Some Testimonials

Knowledgeable, strategic and responsive

Knowledgeable, strategic and responsive

I have known Stuart for several years, and he has consistently provided my firm with strategic legal advice regarding our employment law concerns. He responds quickly to deal with any issues that arise, and also works with us proactively to reduce our liability while also maximizing our rights as an employer. He is knowledgeable, strategic and responsive, and we look to Stuart and his team as Strategic Advisors when it comes to employment law.

Professional and Wise

Stuart, I was very impressed with your approach and results at the mediation last week. My client sent a very positive message to Tiffany and I wanted to thank you for your professionalism, humour and wisdom. I look forward to working together in the future.

Extremely personable and professional

Extremely personable and professional

We have been working with Stuart Rudner and his team for years. This long-standing relationship is due to the fact that Stuart and his team are extremely personable and professional. They are quick to respond and always ensure you understand the options available to you. They pride themselves on ensuring their clients’ satisfaction and understanding of what the law requires.

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Events, Appearances and In the News

Events, Appearances and In the News

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Recent Media Appearances

Ontario tightening rules around mass layoffs to protect remote workers; Stuart comments for Talent Canada.

March 14, 2023
Ontario is tightening the rules around mass layoffs in response to the increase in remote worker and a changing economy. Stuart Rudner, an employment lawyer and founder of Rudner Law, said the changes are a timely recognition of the changing nature of the workplace.
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Are you entitled to benefits if you are injured while working from home? Brittany comments for Yahoo! Finance.

March 10, 2023
"There are several issues when we're talking about injuries that occur while people are outside the workplace," says Brittany Taylor, a partner at Rudner Law. "The first thing, obviously from a health and safety perspective for the employer, is how do they control a space that they have no access to versus a traditional in-person setting.”
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Why safety in the workplace is undergoing seismic changes; Stuart comments for Canadian Occupational Safety.

March 5, 2023
Many things have changed since the pandemic and the rules around keeping employees safe has resulted in great upheaval for businesses. While the employer remains responsible for employees, even when they are far away from the office, the changes have been hefty when it comes to occupational health and safety (OHS), as employment lawyer Stuart Rudner tells it.
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