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HR Lawyers, Employment Lawyers, Workplace Lawyers...whatever you call us, you'll be glad you did.
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Our approach is simple.

We want to understand your circumstances, your concerns, and your goals. Then we will provide you with cost-effective, strategic advice.


What Can We Do For You?

Employment Law | HR Law | Workplace Law
Alternative Dispute Resolution

HR Lawyers, Employment Lawyers, Workplace Lawyers…whatever you call us, you’ll be glad you did.

Working with Employees

We work with individuals to help them through their workplace challenges.

Whether you are a CEO, a line worker, or somewhere in between, you need to ensure that you understand your rights.

Alternative Dispute Resolution

Thoughtful and Strategic Alternative Dispute Resolution

Stuart offers mediation, arbitration, and med-arb services to help you or your client bring their dispute to an end.

Working with Employers

You don’t have employment law issues; you have business decisions to make.

We are your Trusted Advisor, helping you make strategic decisions at all stages of the employment relationship.

Who We Are

Meet Your Team

Toronto Employment Lawyer - Stuart Rudner

Stuart Rudner

Managing Partner
Toronto Employment Lawyer Brittany Taylor

Nadia Zaman

Senior Associate
Alex Minkin - Employment lawyer in Toronto Area

Alex Minkin


Geoffrey Lowe

Rudner Law - Mary from employment law firm in Toronto

Mary Kadric

Office Administrator

Janis Buckley

Senior Legal Assistant
LaSania Hamilton - paralegal at Rudner Law

LaSania Hamilton

Litigation Legal Assistant
Rachel Kelleher

Rachel Kelleher

Intake Coordinator

Sharing Knowledge

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What Others Say


Thought leader on any employment law topic

Thought leader on any employment law topic

Stuart Rudner continues to stand out as a thought leader on any employment law topic. Since becoming an owner manager himself of a boutique employment law firm, Stuart seems to have an even deeper understanding of what it is like to be an employer and has in my opinion become expert in advising owner-managers through issues that may arise in the employer-employee relationship.

I have worked with Stuart, and he has assisted me in providing strategic advice to my clients.

On top of being a leading Employment Lawyer, writer, HR professor and business owner, Stuart Rudner is a social media marketing expert and definitely worth “Following” and modeling.

Stuart is friendly, collegial and always responsive to any Employment Law question, using logic and experience to resolve complicated issues and providing practical advice. I would not hesitate to recommend him.

Quality legal services and emotional support when needed

Working with Nadia Zaman and the Rudner Law team was a pleasure. Not only did Nadia explain my litigation and non-litigation options, but she also had my best interest in mind when advising on managing my employer and anticipating their next steps. I was happy to learn that litigation was not the only way to handle my workplace situation. Although I received guidance on the likelihood of my case succeeding at trial, I never felt I needed to take my problem to court. In addition to explaining my legal rights, Nadia helped me understand some employment law fundamentals that would help me make informed choices in other workplaces throughout my career. In addition to providing quality legal services and emotional support when I needed one, Nadia helped keep my budget in check. She advised me on the cost-saving ways to communicate with my legal team. Finally, I am thankful to Nadia Zaman and Rudner Law for addressing my case holistically and consistently keeping my legal issues, emotional needs and financial constraints at the forefront of their mind. 

A very experienced and talented lawyer

A very experienced and talented lawyer

I first came to know Stuart through his advice on LinkedIn and other sources such as HRPA and was very impressed with his knowledge and how he is able to provide solutions. Stuart is a very experienced and talented lawyer when it comes to employment law and I know that no matter how difficult a case, I am fully confident going to him for advice as I consider him to be the best in his field.

I recommend Stuart to all my clients knowing that they are in good hands and will have the best Employment Lawyer!

Stuart can be counted on

Stuart can be counted on

Stuart is a leader of the employment law bar. He keep abreast of every development in his practice area, and through his blog and constant media presence he helps others keep up as well. Stuart can be counted on to provide practical advice and wise counsel on all aspects of employment law. A good guy to have in your corner!

Some Testimonials

I can’t recommend Stuart and the team at Rudner law enough. 

I can’t recommend Stuart and the team at Rudner law enough.  I have engaged them with several clients and have been very happy with their support.

Diligent and Effective Mediator

Stuart is a diligent and effective mediator. He develops a good rapport with the parties and then builds on the at to achieve a fair settlement.

Instrumental in assisting our clients

Instrumental in assisting our clients

I have worked with Stuart for several years now across a number of client projects. Without exception, he continues to handle each situation with great care, integrity, honesty and in a very practical and highly responsive manner. His depth of knowledge and expertise in employment law matters is exceptional. He brings an infectious degree of passion and energy to his work. Stuart not only delivers results but has strong inter-personal skills and always remains calm and focused in the face of highly stressful situations. I have and will continue to recommend him to our clients without reservation.

Where To Find Us

Events, Appearances and In the News

Events, Appearances and In the News

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Recent Media Appearances

Posting about the Israel-Hamas war? What to know about your employment rights

November 10, 2023
Here’s what you should know about your legal rights as an employee if you’re disciplined or dismissed from your job after you voiced your opinions about the Israel-Hamas war.
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Courts have repeatedly breached 24-month cap on notice periods, specialized skills might be the factor: Rudner

November 3, 2023
In several recent decisions, courts have awarded workers reasonable notice periods that extend beyond 24 months — which has widely been viewed as an unofficial cap on damages, barring extraordinary circumstances. Stuart Rudner, an employment lawyer, mediator and founder of Rudner Law, is seeing a pattern in the rulings.
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ADR can be faster, easier route to find amicable solutions to workplace disputes: Rudner

October 2, 2023
Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) can be a faster, and easier, method to find amicable solutions without having to appear in front of a judge or a tribunal, according to Stuart Rudner, an employment lawyer and mediator and founder of Rudner Law and Rudner ADR.
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