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Retirement Isn’t for Everyone: A Look at Age Discrimination in the Workplace

Delay in retirement past the traditional golden age can make it difficult for employers who want to engage in a long-term strategy or succession planning.

Whose Jurisdiction is it Anyway?

Labour arbitrators have exclusive jurisdiction over human rights complaints involving unionized workers, unless there is clear legislative intent to create shared jurisdiction.
the right to remember

The Right to Remember

In early November, Ontario’s Minister of Citizenship and Multiculturalism introduced Bill 38, the Remembrance Week Amendment Act, 2021.

COVID-19: Getting Back to Business (Again) – FAQ

We wanted to offer a guide to some of the most common issues that we have been asked about in recent weeks about returning to the office.

Childcare Obligations: How Much Has to Be Accommodated?

What are the legal obligations of the employee and those of the employer when it comes to accommodation and childcare?

Can I Change My Work Schedule to Care for My Kids?

What happens when you ask your employer for some flexibility in your work schedule because of your obligations to your children?