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potential discrimination

When does hiring the “right person” for the job lead to potential discrimination?

When companies overlook an over-qualified visible minority for one that’s the “right fit", it can lead to potential discrimination.
body art dress codes

Body Art and Dress Codes: How Much Say Does an Employer Have?

Are employers allowed to ask employees to cover up visible tattoos while on the job? Generally speaking, employers are entitled to set the rules of the workplace. However, there must always be a balance between personal rights and legitimate business interests.
Refusing to hire medical cannabis users

Can’t measure impairment, can’t manage safety risks, won’t hire medical cannabis user.

Employers are required to accommodate individuals to the point of “undue hardship”, where the need for accommodation relates to a ground protected by human rights legislation.
HRTO costs

Human Rights Tribunal of Ontario: No Authority to Award Costs to a Successful Party

In the Human Rights Tribunal of Ontario, there is no authority to award costs to a successful party, no matter how frivolous the other party's position may have been.
Dangers of Taking Selfies at Work

But First, Let Me Take A Selfie: Why One New York Teacher Is Fighting Back

Employers cannot discriminate based on sex or gender, and so they should be implementing policies that are balanced and in line with current best practices.
accommodation in the workplace for family commitments

It Takes A Village: Ontario’s Human Rights Tribunal and the Lingering Debate over Accommodating Parental Responsibilities

Life as a working parent is never an easy balance. While parents from all walks of life manage to make it work out of necessity, there are inevitably some missed piano recitals or sporting events because of work commitments, and conversely missed work opportunities to ensure a cheering and supportive presence at the next hockey game. Yet when that hockey game is actually a doctor’s appointment, and no one else is available to take the child to the appointment, the priorities naturally shift from work to home.
employment law review

2018 Year in Review: Sex, Drugs and…Termination Clauses?

While 2017 brought about sweeping changes to the Employment Standards Act, 2000, 2018...brought about sweeping changes to the Employment Standards Act, 2000. While 2017 brought about employer panic and confusion over the legalization of cannabis, 2018... continued to do much the same. For yet another year, we were treated to several judicial assessments of the enforceability of termination clauses, and we continued to see the quantums of human rights and other damages increase. In a sense, everything old is new again.
An Open Letter Regarding Human Rights and the Ontario PC Party Resolution R4

An Open Letter Regarding Human Rights and the Ontario PC Party Resolution R4

The Lawyers of Rudner Law have penned the following open letter regarding the Ontario PC Party Resolution R4.