Student-at-Law/Billing Clerk

Anique From Rudner Law - Toronto Employment Lawyers
Anique Dublin
Student-at-Law/Billing Clerk

I am a law clerk specializing in Employment Law services. I was drawn to employment law because of the human interest component of the practice. Every new case involves a unique and highly personal story. Whether it is a discrimination or harassment claim, or a contract negotiation, it typically involves complex relationships between people in the workplace and, therefore, wrought with emotions. This makes employment law unlike many other areas of law.

I believe that being an effective law clerk requires patience, efficiency and an inquisitive mind. From drafting pleadings and conducting legal research to maintaining a good rapport with other professionals, I have established myself as a  valuable resource to both my colleagues and clients.

I graduated from law school in London, United Kingdom in 2008. Since moving to Ontario, I have commenced the National Committee on Accreditation process with the hopes of passing the Ontario licensing exams.

In my free time I like to attend kick boxing classes with friends. I also enjoy playing simulation video games, reading historical books and I am an avid runner.