COVID-19 In The Workplace

COVID-19 and the Workplace

Whether you are an employer or an employee, this unprecedented set of circumstances has raised a lot of difficult questions. If you are unsure of your rights and obligations, we are here to help.

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Ontario Court of Appeal Punts on Whether Putting an Employee on IDEL Is/Is not Constructive Dismissal

One of the most discussed and debated questions was whether the Ontario government’s creation of IDEL allowed employers to unilaterally put an employee on leave without triggering a constructive dismissal.

Bill 88: More Changes to Employment Related Legislation

A summary of Bill 88: Working for Workers Act, 2022 and the key changes to employment related legislation that it includes.

Arbitration Decision on Just Cause Dismissal for Refusal to Vaccinate

In this video update, Nadia Zaman talks about the latest arbitration decision on just cause for dismissal for refusal to vaccinate.

Fifty Ways to Leave Your Lawyer

Recent decisions in Ontario have provided clear indication of the Court’s position on failing to retain counsel in time or ceasing engagement on the eve of a matter.

Employers: Are you Prepared for an Incident of Workplace Violence in your Workplace?

What if Will Smith and Chris Rock were your employees? Are you prepared for an incident of workplace violence?
After Acquired Cause For Dismissal

Timing of Knowledge to After-Acquired Cause For Dismissal

What happens if information comes to light after a dismissal which would have substantiated a ‘for cause’ dismissal? The doctrine of After-Acquired Cause comes into play.

Right to Disconnect Policies

In this video update, Nadia Zaman talks about Right to Disconnect policies, which were introduced in the Working for Workers Act 2021, or Bill 27, and what this means for employers and employees.

Bill 88: Working for Workers Act, 2022

In this video update, Geoffrey Lowe talks about Bill 88: Working for Workers Act, 2022, and what changes it will bring if passed.

Retirement Isn’t for Everyone: A Look at Age Discrimination in the Workplace

Delay in retirement past the traditional golden age can make it difficult for employers who want to engage in a long-term strategy or succession planning.