COVID-19 in the Workplace

COVID-19 and the Workplace

Whether you are an employer or an employee, this unprecedented set of circumstances has raised a lot of difficult questions. If you are unsure of your rights and obligations, we are here to help.

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mediation brief

Preparing a Kick-Ass Mediation Brief

If you want to win at mediation, rather than just settle, take every opportunity to get the mediator to see the case your way; that starts with the Brief.
End of Infectious Disease Emergency Leave

The End of Infectious Disease Emergency Leave

On July 30, 2022, employees and employers alike will need to make decisions on the status of their employment relationships.
The Danger of Baseless Allegations and Bad Behaviour

No Costs for You: The Danger of Baseless Allegations and Bad Behaviour

The no-nonsense commentary in this decision is an important reminder for both sides of an employment related dispute.
mandatory retirement age in canada

Does a Mandatory Retirement Age Exist in Canada?

Whether it is a result of a reorganization or streamlining, we frequently see individuals of an advanced age being dismissed without cause.
language laws quebec workplace contracts

Language Laws and Quebec Workplaces

Every few years we see an evolution of the French language laws in Quebec. Bill 96 is the latest example employers need to know.

Arbitrator Upholds Religious Exemption to the COVID-19 Vaccine

Whether or not you can lose your job for refusing to be vaccinated, and how medical or religious exemptions factor in, will be an on-going issue for employers and their employees.
Update on Termination Clauses: Ontario Court of Appeal Overturns “Pro-Employer” Decision

Update on Termination Clauses: Ontario Court of Appeal Overturns “Pro-Employer” Decision

The law on termination clauses in employment contracts continues to evolve. In recent years, the movement of this area of law has been towards the side of employees, with many termination clauses being found to be unenforceable.

Stuart’s Friendly HR Advice on Giving Friendly HR Advice

It's not often that an HR-related video will go viral and spark conversation online, but it has happened recently. A woman posted on tiktok, offering Canada's "freedom fighters" some advice - that what you say and do and show on social media can affect your job/job prospects. Ironically, it has done just that.. for her.

Canadian HR Reporter Readers Choice Awards 2022 – We Won!

For the fourth year in a row, the Rudner Law team is honoured to be voted one of the Top 3 Employment and Labour Boutiques
amending a pleading

Amending a Pleading – Easier than you think?

The pleading is done and served, so everything must be set in stone, right? Maybe not.
pet friendly office what employers need to know

Pet-Friendly Offices: What Employers Need to Know

While there are many benefits to allowing employees to bring their pets to work, there are also many issues that employers need to watch out for.
covid idel constructive dismissal

Ontario Court of Appeal Punts on Whether Putting an Employee on IDEL Is/Is not Constructive Dismissal

One of the most discussed and debated questions was whether the Ontario government’s creation of IDEL allowed employers to unilaterally put an employee on leave without triggering a constructive dismissal.