COVID-19 and the Workplace

Whether you are an employer or an employee, this unprecedented set of circumstances has raised a lot of difficult questions. If you are unsure of your rights and obligations, we are here to help.

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human rights complaint

Can A Release Bar An Employee’s Human Rights Complaint?

The question is whether an employer can protect itself from human rights complaints by having the dismissed employee sign a release?
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Return to Work

Is an employee on leave entitled to his or her pre-leave job when they return to work?

Employers are often challenged with return-to-work cases. It can be difficult for employers to balance…

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non solicitation agreement

Every Employer Should Use Non-Solicitation Covenants – Here’s Why

Because non-competition clauses are typically not enforceable, the best way to protect the business you’ve worked so hard to build is to have your employees execute a carefully drafted non-solicitation covenant.
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termination clause

The Saga Continues: The Alberta Court of Appeal Weighs in on Termination Clauses in Holm v AGAT Laboratories Ltd.

Employment lawyers spend quite a bit of time with their corporate clients preparing and implementing…

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How NOT to work with your employment lawyer

Our goal is to provide our clients with sound advice and zealously advocate on their behalf. Presumably, that is why they retain us. Yet it is often frustrating to discover that our clients inadvertently undermine our ability to do so. In this blog post, we lay out some tips and tricks on how (not) to work with your employment lawyer.
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Allegations are not fact: Employers fail to investigate at their own peril

The #metoo movement should not change employers’ response to allegations of harassment: investigate before penalizing.
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termination of employment

What’s in a Name? Exploring the Different Kinds of “Severance”

In Ontario, an employee’s termination or separation package can be made up of many different types of payments, including: statutory notice and/or Termination Pay, Severance Pay, and common law reasonable notice and/or pay in lieu of notice. All of these forms of compensation relating to dismissal are separate and distinct concepts. In this article, we will explain each one and the differences between them.
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