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Stuart Rudner recognised as Legal Influencer in Canadian HR Law by Lexology

Stuart has been recognised as the only Legal Influencer in Canadian HR Law in the first Lexology Awards, announced in October 2018.

Relying on a bespoke automated process to analyse Lexology data, the Lexology Awards reward those who produce great legal content for their subscribers. At the end of each quarter, individual authors are recognised as Legal Influencers, and law firms or contributors as Thought Leaders.

Workplace Investigation

Investigating just cause

Some form of investigation should be undertaken before summary dismissal is imposed In recent years,…

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White supremacists carry a shield and Confederate flag as they arrive at a rally in Charlottesville, Virginia

What do you do if your employee is ‘one of them’?

In almost all cases, you will be able to terminate the relationship The recent events…

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Working Efficiently With Your Lawyer

Working Efficiently With Your Lawyer

Our lawyers are here to help you. We want to do so efficiently and cost-effectively.…

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Do you need an Employment Lawyer?

When should you retain an Employment Lawyer?

The simple answer is that you should retain a lawyer that specializes in employment law…

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Discrimination in the Workplace

Workplace Harassment and Discrimination: Looking at the Allegations Against Canada’s Spy Agency

You have probably seen this in the news – five employees have filed a $35-million…

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Don’t judge a relationship by its title: Misclassification of employees as contractors

Employment relationships are not always black and white, even if there is a written agreement…

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Bonus Clauses: Be Sure they Say What You Think They Say

Bonus: You will be entitled to a discretionary annual bonus of up to 40% of…

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You Can Fire Someone Without Saying So, But Even “I Quit” May Not Be a Resignation

The Unintentional Dismissal: Be Careful What You Say to Your Staff We all know that…

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Compliance with Bill 132

So What Happens If We Don’t Comply With Bill 132?

As my recent Canadian HR Law blog post outlines, in September of last year, Bill…

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Charlottetown, PEI

Efficiency can’t trump safety

Candace Carnahan gave an inspiring speech in Charlottetown This week, I was fortunate enough to…

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Restrictive Covenants: What Did I Agree To?!

Imagine that you have been the loyal and dedicated employee of the same employer for…

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Preparing for Mediation

As I discussed in a recent Canadian HR Law post, when it comes to mediation,…

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