Off Duty Conduct

Off-Duty Conduct and the High Threshold for Summary Dismissal

While some off-duty conduct can justify discipline and even dismissal, the recent case of Hydro One Inc. and Power Workers’ Union Union (HO-T-3737) confirms that the threshold for summary dismissal is high, and that even driving a company car while off-duty and drunk may not be enough. The decision also confirmed the importance of considering all mitigating factors, including addiction.
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Office Romance

Workplace Romance

Valentine’s Day is fast approaching, and we will soon start to see flowers and other tokens of affection popping up in the workplace. This can be a joyful time filled with expressions of love, but it also causes employers to…

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Discipline for Off-Duty Conduct

In my latest Canadian HR Law blog post, I tackled the controversial issue of whether an individual can be disciplined or dismissed for what they do while off-duty. The original post can be found here, but an expanded version is…

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