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Whose Jurisdiction is it Anyway?

Labour arbitrators have exclusive jurisdiction over human rights complaints involving unionized workers, unless there is clear legislative intent to create shared jurisdiction.

Signed, Sealed… Negotiated?

Would you buy a car and then try to negotiate the price later? In this video update, Stuart talks about instances where people sign severance packages with final releases and then want to try to assess it or negotiate it.
internet court

Courts and the Internet: I’d Go Online with Them Any Day

You have been dismissed from your employment with your former employer, whose headquarters are in a different province. Your tenure was in Ontario out of a branch office, and your employment contract says that the laws of Ontario govern any disputes arising from your employment. You should sue in Ontario, right? Maybe not!

Post-termination Entitlement to Stock Options Overturned by Court of Appeal in Battiston

The Ontario Court of Appeal finds employee was bound by the terms of the plan they chose not to read, in Battiston v Microsoft Canada Inc.
preparing fair severance packages

Hitting the ‘Sweet Spot’ – Some Tips on Preparing Fair Severance Packages

Preparing a severance package should be approached strategically, with a proper understanding of the potential risks and options available.

Tips on Negotiating Your Severance Package

Our role as employment lawyers is to advocate for you and to get whatever compensation you may be entitled to receive.

How Expensive is Employment Law Litigation?

When someone retains us to pursue an employment law claim, they inevitably ask two questions: how long will it take and how much will it cost?

COVID-19: Getting Back to Business (Again) – FAQ

We wanted to offer a guide to some of the most common issues that we have been asked about in recent weeks about returning to the office.