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double check termination clause

Employers: Double-check Your Termination Clauses

If you thought the termination clauses in your employment contracts were air-tight, think again. The unsettled field of employment law strikes again in the Ontario Court of Appeal decision in Waksdale v Swegon North America Inc.
salary and CEWS

Salary Continuance Payments and Eligibility for the CEWS

It is a question we have received consistently from employers: will “severance pay” qualify as “eligible remuneration” for purposes of the Canada Emergency Wage Subsidy (the “CEWS”)?
covid19 reasonable notice period

Will Economic Conditions under COVID-19 Affect Reasonable Notice Periods?

Can an employer offer a reduced severance package when they are in dire financial straits? What if it is the result of a global pandemic and its economic aftermath?
Treatment of Articling Student Teaches Employer a Lesson: Unfounded Allegations Could Cost You

Treatment of Articling Student Teaches Employer a Lesson: Unfounded Allegations Could Cost You

Employers often wonder, “what’s the worst that could happen?” The recent case of Acumen Law v Ojanen is a good demonstration.
off duty conduct

Off-Duty Conduct and the High Threshold for Summary Dismissal

While some off-duty conduct can justify discipline and even dismissal, a recent case confirms that the threshold for summary dismissal is high.
termination rule of thumb

Rule of Thumb for Notice Upon Termination? Don’t Count On It

If you are an employer or an employee, you have probably heard that the general rule of thumb when it comes to entitlement to notice upon termination is one month per year of service. Is that really true? What does the law have to say?
contracts length of service

Employee’s Length of Service Not Interrupted by Creative Use of “New” Corporate Structures

The Ontario Court of Appeal recently released a decision confirming that courts will not be fooled by different corporate structures when an employee has, in reality, been employed with the same employer for years.