Impaired Driving And Employment

Drinking and Driving May NOT be Cause for Dismissal

Previous court decisions have confirmed that an employee’s conduct outside of work may form the basis for the termination of their employment. However, not all misconduct outside of work will constitute just cause, as confirmed in the recent British Columbia Supreme Court case of Klonteig v. District of West Kelowna, 2018 BCSC 124.
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Negotiating the severance package

In many dismissals without cause, the parties engage in extended negotiations regarding the severance package that the dismissed employee will receive. If negotiations fail, litigation may ensue. Where there is no enforceable termination clause in place, there is ambiguity regarding…

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Terminating a Fixed-Term Contract of Employment

In previous blog posts, I have discussed the dangers of Fixed-term Contracts, The Hidden Risks of Fixed-Term Contracts of Employment , and When a fixed-term contract isn’t. One of the points that has repeatedly been made is that if a fixed-term contract does not…

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