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Social Media & Your Work

  • What happens if you are caught using Facebook at work?
  • Or if you mention your boss in your blog or tweet?
  • Can you be fired for an “off-colour” online post even if it was done on your own time and doesn’t reference your employer at all?
  • If you use social media to promote your company, can you keep the account if you change jobs?
  • If your colleague or boss is sending you inappropriate messages online, or via text, does your employer have to help you?

Social media provides a means for people to interact, create, share, and exchange information with far greater reach than traditional media. Its use inside and outside of the workplace has increased exponentially in recent years and as technology evolves, new legal issues emerge. This is an area of the law that is evolving rapidly, and we can provide you with advice based on the latest legal pronouncements.

Many people are surprised to learn that they can be dismissed for something they do on their own time. Yet the media is filled with stories of people losing their jobs due to off-duty conduct, and in many cases there is no direct relationship to their work. Further, every update to Stuart’s book on summary dismissal, You’re Fired, includes many cases involving people misbehaving online.

The law has not changed, but its application has evolved as social and technological realities change. Employees and employers need to understand how the use of technology and social media fits into traditional concepts of employment.

How we can help

The team at Rudner Law are not only educated on the law, but they also understand social media. The firm uses social media extensively to educate, and Stuart was named one of Canada’s Top Legal Social Media Influencers.

We can expertly guide you on issues including:

  • Protection of privacy and confidential information,
  • Workplace safety,
  • Harassment and bullying,
  • Ownership of online accounts,
  • Your conduct inside and outside of the workplace, as well as
  • Disciplinary issues you may face related to company workplace social media policies.

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