Workplace Harassment and Bullying

Over the past few years, the message has been loud and clear: workplace bullying, harassment and sexual harassment are unacceptable and will not be tolerated. It does not matter whether it is your colleague, your manager, or the owner of the company; if you are being harassed, you need to do something about it. Media reports of bullying at work have become increasingly common, raising awareness of this issue and, in all likelihood, causing more victims to come forward. These issues cannot be ignored or trivialized; if concerns of bullying and harassment are not handled properly, the consequences can be dire. As a result of the increased public attention to this issue, governments have put new laws in place which require specific policies and mandate investigation of harassment allegations.

Most employers and employees are more aware than ever of the damage of workplace bullying and harassment. Simply put, harassment and bullying cannot be tolerated and must be immediately addressed. Proper investigations must be conducted in order to assess the veracity of any complaint or suspicion, so that appropriate action can be taken. In some instances, that will involve addressing false allegations of harassment; unfortunately, some employees confuse managing with bullying, while others strategically make false allegations.

Whether you are the victim of harassment, or accused of engaging in such misconduct, there are solutions. We can advise you with respect to your rights and how to defend them. We will work with you to determine the best way to protect you and your legal rights. The situation will not get better on its own.