The HR Checkup

When we start to work with an organization, we like to begin with an HR Checkup, during which we review the cornerstones of the legal relationship:

This also gives us a chance to get to know your business, your core values, and your goals. We like to come to your workplace, and get a chance to see for ourselves what you do and how your team interacts.

Why Do You Need an HR Checkup?

The employment relationship is governed by a complex combination of laws, including:

These laws do not operate in a vacuum. Workplace rules and decisions impact, and are impacted, by all of them. Everything that you do can have an impact on the organization’s legal position. And, of course, the laws are designed to protect employees, not employers. As if the wide array of duties that fall under “HR” wasn’t enough, HR Professionals are expected to navigate all of these laws despite the fact that most of you do not have legal training. That is where Rudner Law comes in.

If an issue is not addressed in writing, the law will impose terms which may not be in the employer’s best interests. Organizations should ensure that they do not miss the opportunity to put terms in place that will allow them to operate efficiently while minimizing liability.

Many organizations fail to use strategic agreements and policies, often allowing themselves to have obligations imposed upon them.

Why just play the game when you can make up the rules?

How Can We Help You?

We work with new and existing clients in order to make sure that their core HR documents, such as policy manuals and employment agreements, are drafted not only to comply with applicable laws but also to provide our clients with maximum flexibility and protection when it comes to human resources. It is a mistake to use documents you found online or that were created in a different context. To be effective, policies should be tailored to the organization and updated regularly, and contracts should be designed for the position in question.

We will work you to design policies, procedures and contracts that will be effective in achieving your specific goals.