Let us come to your workplace and train your managers, supervisors and staff.

Stuart designed the HR Law for HR Professionals course, and he co-designed the advanced version. He also created Osgoode Professional Development’s annual Employment Law update, and he and his team routinely put on programs addressing what you, as employers, need to know.

The challenge is that in many cases, one person will attend these sessions and work regularly with us. They understand the concerns, but they can’t control everyone else. To address this, we will come to you and put on as many different sessions as you need, aimed at different audiences, until you are comfortable that the message has been received by those who need to understand.

Typically, we would do a session for upper management / leadership, a different session for lower level managers and supervisors, and another for staff, as they each need different information. If your HR team is big enough to warrant it, we will do one session with them.

We can provide training on a vast array of topics, including:

Customized Sessions To Meet Your Goals and Budget

Whatever you think you need, we will tailor the session(s) to your goals and to your budget. This investment will help you to avoid claims and liability.

As an example, we had a client that put substantial time and money into developing new harassment policies, which included a positive obligation on the part of supervisors to report any suspicion of harassment. However, they never trained their supervisors on the policy. When a male supervisor learned of ongoing harassment, he complied with the victim’s request not to do anything about it. By doing so, he exposed the company to liability. We subsequently conducted training throughout the organization, and it is unlikely that this will happen again.