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It’s Time for Online Dispute Resolution (a.k.a Virtual Mediation)

It’s Time for Online Dispute Resolution (a.k.a Virtual Mediation)

The courts are closed, litigation is at a standstill, and court reporters’ offices are shut. Many litigators have an unexpected amount of free time while at the same time, their clients are anxious to move their cases forward. And the reality is that there is a simple way to do it: Online Dispute Resolution.
mediation mistakes

Mediation Mistakes: What Are Counsel Doing Wrong?

In many cases, lawyers are failing to use mediation effectively and doing a disservice to their clients.
mediation joint sessions

Better Together? The Pros and Cons of Mediation Joint Sessions

In many cases, having parties greet each other and spend a brief period of time in the same room helps to personalize the matter. That said, I always invite counsel to let me know if, due to the nature of the case or other circumstances, this would be counterproductive.
mediation limitation periods

Stop the Clock: Mediation and Limitation Periods

If you’re thinking about starting a claim and the deadline to file your suit may run out before you decide, entering into a mediation agreement could buy you some time.
Confidential Employment Settlement Agreements

Do as you say: Breach-of-confidentiality clauses in settlement

Employers should abide by the strict terms of any settlement agreements Despite what TV shows and movies portray, the reality…

Preparing for Mediation

As I discussed in a recent Canadian HR Law post, when it comes to mediation, one thing that interests me…

Workplace Investigations

Tips For a Successful Mediation

In my latest Canadian HR Law blog post, I provided some tips on how parties should approach mediation. These are…