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Facing Wrongful Job Termination or Uncertain About Severance?

Consult Rudner Law, Brampton’s Leading Employment Lawyers

If you’ve been wrongfully dismissed, offered a severance package, or witnessed substantial changes to your job conditions, it’s crucial to understand your employment rights. Before making any decisions or taking action, reach out to the trusted Employment Lawyers in Brampton at Rudner Law.

At Rudner Law, our seasoned lawyers possess extensive expertise in all facets of employment law. With a history of successful negotiations and a track record of handling various employment matters, our services encompass:

If you require assistance from an employment lawyer in Brampton, look no further than Rudner Law. Our dedicated employment lawyers, serving Ontario, can be reached at 416-864-8500, or simply complete our contact form below. Your employment rights matter, and we’re here to help you protect them.

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So you just got a job offer?

Employment Contracts: What You Need to Know

Meet Our Team of Employment Lawyers in Brampton

Toronto Employment Lawyer - Stuart Rudner

Stuart Rudner

Managing Partner
Nadia Zaman

Nadia Zaman

Senior Associate
Alex Minkin - Employment lawyer in Toronto Area

Alex Minkin

Geoffrey Lowe

Geoffrey Lowe


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