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Bill 88: More Changes to Employment Related Legislation

A summary of Bill 88: Working for Workers Act, 2022 and the key changes to employment related legislation that it includes.

Right to Disconnect Policies

In this video update, Nadia Zaman talks about Right to Disconnect policies, which were introduced in the Working for Workers Act 2021, or Bill 27, and what this means for employers and employees.

Bill 88: Working for Workers Act, 2022

In this video update, Geoffrey Lowe talks about Bill 88: Working for Workers Act, 2022, and what changes it will bring if passed.
paid sick leave

Paid Sick Leave: What You Need to Know

As you may already know by now, Ontario recently introduced paid sick leave for employees in relation to the COVID-19 pandemic.
mandatory mask bylaw

Mandatory Masks: Guide to Navigating the New Bylaws

Municipalities across Ontario are enacting new bylaws regarding the use of masks in public locations. However, these new rules provide little guidance for business owners on how to regulate and enforce mask usage in their establishments.
uber employees

Are Uber drivers “employees”?

A landmark decision by the Supreme Court of Canada has created hope for gig workers across the country as it allowed a class action to proceed seeking confirmation that Uber drivers are actually employees.