OBA Alternative Dispute Resolution / Labour and Employment Law PROGRAM

Date: August 27, 2020

Time: 1:30 - 3:00 PM

ADR Clauses and Employment Contracts: Impact of Uber v. Heller [WEBCAST ONLY]

What does the Supreme Court’s recent decision of Uber Technologies Inc. v. Heller mean for your employment practice? Is it advisable to include dispute resolution clauses in employment agreements in light of this decision? Join our faculty as they address:

  • Benefits and operation of ADR clauses in employment contracts: should you consider requiring negotiation, mediation and/or litigation arbitration of employment disputes?
  • What are the advantages, for both plaintiffs and defendants, of arbitrating employment disputes?
  • Uber Technologies Inc. v. Heller – what was the case about, what did the Court find, and what did it fail to address?
  • Can arbitration clauses be used in employment agreements after Heller?
  • What is the impact of Heller on employment arbitration?
  • Is your ADR clause enforceable in light of Heller?
  • View from an arbitrator on how the wording of an arbitration clause impacts an arbitration – for better or for worse.
  • Best practices in drafting ADR clauses – stepped resolution clauses, considerations and drafting strategies

Join us for this timely and valuable program!


Jennifer Egsgard, Egsgard Mediation
Andrew Monkhouse, Monkhouse Law
Mitchell Rose, Rose Dispute Resolution


Ranjan Agarwal, Bennett Jones LLP
Elaine Newman, Newman Arbitration
Stuart Rudner, Rudner Law
Alex Van Kralingen, Van Kralingen & Keenberg LLP