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Can I be punished for lying in an investigation?

Yes, you can, depending on the law and your workplace policy. 

While rare, there are individuals who will report false or made-up allegations either out of some personal spite, or because they believe it is the ultimate form of retribution. These investigations are costly and have serious consequences, and such allegations are nothing to joke about. 

An investigator will be assessing everyone’s credibility. If they find that the allegations were completely false, or made up in order to get back at someone, there may be serious disciplinary consequences through your workplace. The investigation will likely be dismissed, but whoever fabricated the story may be suspended or even terminated based on whatever workplace policies are in place. 

Some workplace policies attempt to reassure complainants by guaranteeing that they will never be penalized for filing a complaint. That is a mistake, as bad faith or dishonest complaints should be disciplined; however, if your workplace has such a policy, then you may be protected even in such circumstances.

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