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Does my employer need to know how my job search is going?

We regularly advise our employee clients to keep a detailed chart of their job search efforts. This can easily be done in a spreadsheet where you can log the positions that you’ve applied to, the networking events that you’ve attended, the phone calls and interviews that have come about, etc. 

You do not have to share details of your job search voluntarily, but you do need to keep them handy. If the employer or their lawyer asks about your job search then yes, we are obliged to share details, but not before they ask the question. Remember, their goal is to see you re-employed as quickly as possible to lower their financial burden, so some employers will even collect job postings from within the industry to send our way. While this may seem generous, their end goal is to show you, us, and the courts if needed that there is plenty of other work available. 

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