How can I prepare for my Strategy Session?

To ensure that you get the most out of your Strategy Session:

  • Bring or send us a copy of your government-issued ID. The Law Society of Ontario requires that we confirm your identity and we will keep a copy in your client file at the firm.
  • Before your meeting, be sure to send us any documents you think might be relevant to your case. This will allow the lawyer to get a sense of the issue beforehand, so that they can spend the time with you dealing only with the most important matters. Some examples of helpful documents are:
    • Employment contracts
    • Correspondence relating to a job offer
    • Promotion letters
    • Disciplinary warnings
    • Termination letters
    • A copy of any offer or release from an employer
  • Create a timeline, especially in instances where you have time-related issues, such as unpaid overtime or bonuses.
  • Come with an open mind. We know that many employment matters can be emotional and difficult to be objective about. We will provide our professional opinion, but it might not always be what you were expecting. We promise to do our best to get you a result that you are happy with but will always be honest with you about your position.