How can I tell if what’s in my contract is legal?

That can be hard to do without seeking a full legal review. Employment contracts can be tricky – many are worded in language that’s intended for only a lawyer to understand, since that lawyer likely wrote it in order to protect their client. Sometimes, laws change, and contracts that were enforceable before will not be “legal” anymore.

As a handy guide, there are some great reference guides available from the Ministry of Labour about the ESA, or guides about the Canada Labour Code if you’re working in a federally regulated industry (think banking, air travel, telecommunications). These will help you to understand your minimum entitlements as an employee. 

There is a rule in law that if a contract is badly drafted so that it is confusing, it will be interpreted in the way most favourable to the  party who did not draft it. However, you may be hesitant to sign an agreement that’s going to present headaches down the line. Working with our team can help clarify the current state of the law.