My employer had made a lot of jokes about my age/accent/disability, would that make a difference?

Yes, it very likely would. Not only are these sorts of comments never acceptable, but they are protected by human rights legislation. Human rights codes across the province are laws that protect employees from being discriminated against based on personal characteristics such as their age, race, place of origin, sexual orientation, disability, etc. While comments about these areas are generally unacceptable, if they were made in connection with your termination then it is important to let us know right away so that we can ask more questions. 

If these sorts of comments were made, the onus is on your employer to prove that they had nothing to do with your termination. They will have to prove that they had a legitimate business case to terminate your employment, which is often an uphill battle. Otherwise you may be looking at a human rights matter, which may change the direction of how we push forward with your legal case. Learn more about that here.