What if I hit all of their expectations and they still let me go?

This depends on how your employer decides to end the relationship. 

Remember, any employee can be let go at any time, for practically any reason, so long as they are paid out properly. This means that so long as the employer is not discriminating against your protected human rights, they are completely free to let you go. Think of it this way – they can fire you for the colour of your shirt…just not the colour of your skin.

However, this does not necessarily mean that they were acting in good faith. If your employer had indeed shown bad faith in the way that they treated you leading up to your dismissal then there may be a potential legal claim there, and it’s likely an issue worth exploring with your employment lawyer before accepting any severance offer. If you accept an exit package greater than what’s in your contract, you’ll be doing so in exchange for a release preventing you from any further legal claims against the company, so it is always important to review the circumstances with your lawyer before signing off.