My co-workers keep making jokes and comments about my accent, is that acceptable?

No, especially not if it is not acceptable to you. This sort of conduct would qualify as bullying and harassment, and is protected against not only under human rights laws but also under some occupational health and safety laws as well. 

Bullying and harassment of employees is a serious problem in a workplace, and especially so when it falls under a protected human rights ground such as your place of origin. Workplaces are mandated to have policies that protect employees from harassment, and these policies are supposed to include mechanisms for how to report such incidents and how they will be dealt with. This will likely include an investigation into any harassment, an opportunity for the alleged harasser to share their account of the story, and a decision made about what sort of discipline (if any) will occur. 

If your employer is unable to or unwilling to assist in dealing with this sort of harassment, contact your employment lawyer to discuss your other options for handling the matter.