Business Sold

Sale of Business and the Effect on Employees

If a business is sold and the new owner keeps the employees, have they entered into a new contract of employment? This is a question that we are asked all the time and the answer, as it often is, is that “it depends”. The primary factor in the analysis will be the nature of the sale; was it a share purchase or an asset purchase.
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You Received Your Job Offer – Now What?

You have submitted your job application. Gone through the interview process. Waited eagerly to hear back from your potential employer. And now, you have finally received your job offer! Surely, you must be ecstatic, especially if it’s a job you really want. It will be very easy to simply accept the offer and move on with your life. So, now what?
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Temporary Layoff

Don’t Make Assumptions About Employer Rights

Unfortunately, we are often consulted by employers that entirely misunderstand the nature of the employment relationship and assume that they have the right to do almost anything they want without repercussion. In many cases, they act accordingly, and expose themselves…

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