In addition to his practice as a leading Employment Lawyer, Stuart regularly works as a mediator, combining his knowledge and experience in Employment Law with his interpersonal skills and problem-solving abilities. In order to ensure that he is well-equipped to help parties resolve their disputes, Stuart  has completed an Advanced Alternative Dispute Resolution course and participated in several mediation workshops.

He thoroughly enjoys this rewarding and growing aspect of his practice and is now mediating frequently, which gives him the chance to approach disputes from a third perspective – that of a neutral. He is easily able to do this, as he acts for employers and employees and already has the ability to see things from both sides. By acting as an objective third party, he can work parties and their counsel to achieve a fair result. He has successfully helped many parties do just that, and has been flattered by the fact that almost all lawyers that have used his mediation services have continued to recommend and work with him.

Stuart has acted as counsel at countless mediations, and he knows that one size does not fit all. Sometimes, an evaluative approach will be helpful, while in other matters, a facilitative approach is required. In most cases, a mixture is the best recipe. One thing he will not do, however, is act as a “glorified courier”, delivering offers back and forth without working to help the parties reach an agreement.  His goal is to help the parties reach a reasonable resolution, and he will adapt his approach to the unique circumstances of each case, and to the people involved, in order to achieve that goal.

Stuart approaches mediation thoughtfully and strategically, and will work tirelessly to explore all options.

To book Stuart for mediation, contact his assistant, Janis Buckley.

Mediation Availability Calendar

Please note that schedules do change, so please contact Stuart’s assistant, Janis Buckley to confirm availability or to reserve a date/time.