Mental Health Week – Mental Health and the Workplace

Next week is Mental Health Week.

The Canadian Mental Health Association is encouraging Canadians to get loud about their mental health.

As employment lawyers, we see every day the impact that mental health has on the Canadian workplace. One in 5 Canadians experience a psychological health problem or illness every year. Almost half of Canadians consider work to be the most stressful part of their daily lives. And mental health is the leading cause of disability in Canada.

Employers and employees need to start getting loud about mental health, so suffering doesn’t need to remain silent.

We work frequently with employers on strategies to improve mental health in their workplace. We also help employees, reminding them that not only is there no shame in asking for help with your mental health, but you’re legally protected against discrimination for doing so.

So in honour of mental health week, do something positive to improve your mental health. Meditate. Exercise. Take a long walk on a sunny day. Or do what I’ve done – as you can see I’m recording this from my home library, surrounded by my books, which is truly my happy place.

Find your happy place, and take some time to recharge and rejuvenate.

It will be good for your mental health. I know that it is for mine.

Shaun Bernstein

My experience has taught me the beauty of being able to work fluidly on both sides of employment law. For example, it can be deeply rewarding helping a recently terminated employee achieve a fair settlement that recognizes their contributions to the company, and the situation they have found themselves in. But it is equally as rewarding to be able to help that employer straighten out issues as or even before they arise, and hopefully preventing the need for that employee to have called us in the first place.

I previously ran a blog explaining employment law issues to a wide audience, and am incredibly proud to have twice won Clawbies (Canadian Law Blog Awards) for Best New Law Blog and Best Practitioner Blog.