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Welcome to the Rudner Law Blog

Updates and Announcements

As part of our commitment to educating our clients, our potential clients, and the general public, we will be using this blog to provide useful information for both employers and employees. Although this will not replace the advice of a lawyer, we hope that the posts will be helpful in allowing you to understand some of the general legal concepts, as well as the nuances, and recognize when you should be contacting a lawyer.

Our blog will include different types of posts, including regular discussion pieces, video clips, audio clips, PowerPoint presentations, academic papers, and links to our media appearances.

In order to avoid any confusion, we should clarify that we practice in the non-unionized work environment. Our practice area is refer to as Employment Law, HR Law, and/or Workplace Law.

We hope that you will find our blog useful, and invite you to contact us at if you have specific topics that you would like us to address.

Other Blogs

Stuart and others on the team at Rudner Law are frequent contributors to the following sites: 

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Fire Away with Stuart Rudner

Fire Away! The Employment Law Show

Rudner Law hosts a monthly Q&A show streamed live on Facebook and to Youtube.

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