What if I don’t like the accommodation ideas that my employer is offering?

Employees must keep in mind that while they are entitled to accommodation, those accommodations need to be reasonable, not perfect.

That means that your ideas for accommodation may not go as planned. If you require schedule modifications due to childcare issues, or religious observance, an employer may be required to accommodate you but the way that they do it may not be convenient to your schedule. This may include working overtime, unscheduled days, or another arrangement that may not be exactly as desired. Similarly for the purposes of accessibility, accommodations do not need to be perfect, but must instead be reasonable.

As an employee, this is an opportunity for you to get creative. If your employer has never come up with accommodations before, try and offer multiple solutions that you believe will work for both of you. They may be readily inclined to move forward with an idea if the costs and business interruption will be minimal.