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Not long ago in British Columbia, a young Grade 9 student new to his high school surroundings was bullied by his schoolmates for, of all things, wearing a pink shirt. In solidarity, three other students at the school distributed pink shirts to the boys in the school in an effort to show not only that any form of bullying was inappropriate, but that what you wear does not automatically determine who you are. From this act of kindness, Pink Shirt Day was born.

On this February 27, we at Rudner Law wear pink not only in solidarity with that young boy, but with everyone who feels bullied or oppressed just because they dare to be different. As employment lawyers, we get to help prevent workplace bullying and harassment from employers, and help teach employees their rights when they are being mistreated. As human rights lawyers, we are fortunate to have a platform to share the message that harassment and discrimination are never okay, in the workplace or anywhere else.

Pink Shirt Day may have become a call to action, but anything we can do on any day to call out bullying and harassment as the shameful conduct that it is helps make the world a happier, healthier, and safer place to be different. We wouldn’t have it any other way.

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